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Partner Program: growth opportunities

BECOME A LEADBI PARTNER   Have you ever wondered what it means to be a LeadBI Partner? We’ll explain it to you today! With the Partner program you have available technical resources, support and training that you can resell to your customers. What is it for?   Inside...

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Track your Advertising Campaigns with LeadBI

HOW TO TRACK THE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS WITH LEADBI     The Advertising Campaigns can be planned for different purposes such as: strengthening the image of your brand, increasing sales of a product, launching a new line on the market, developing brand awareness and...

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Tracking of a single page application

TRACK SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION WITH LEADBI In LeadBI from today you can also track the SPA pages. SPA, single page application, is an application that loads all the resources needed to move around the site, on the first upload. Pages are dynamically loaded, but you can...

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Marketing Automation Examples

MARKETING AUTOMATION WITH LEADBI EXAMPLES     The Marketing automation software was born and used mainly in America and abroad. In recent years, slowly, they are also coming to Italy. Training to fully learn this new marketing process is essential for entrepreneurs...

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How to add a LeadBI form to InstaPage

HOW TO ADD A LEADBI FORM ON INSTAPAGE IN A FEW STEPS     InstaPage is a tool that allows you to create landing pages for your website. LeadBI allows you to create custom forms directly from the platform and be able to copy the script code. Often the difficulty is...

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Discover the LeadBI super release

SUPER NEWS OF LEADBI  More complete, more effective and more powerful! LeadBI introduces you to the release of new features! Let's find out together: ABILITY TO SEND AUTOMATIC SMS Here we are, one of the most awaited releases is officially in LeadBI! You can send...

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Download LeadBI Helper

TRACK YOUR LINKS WITH LEADBI HELPER   LeadBI Helper is the perfect extension for anyone who wants to create and track their links without having to open the LeadBI application every time. How does that work?   Enter the link you want to track, along with the email and...

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