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With plenty of powerful features at your disposal, watch
conversions on your website increase like never before.

Improve Inbound Marketing Communication

Get to know all the features that make LeadBI powerful for all your web marketing activities.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

With the LeadBI platform, you get all the tools you need to grow your business or subscriber base!

Visitor Tracking and Behavior

Track every visitor on your website, know which pages attract every lead. Make a data-driven decision.


Create and Manage your digital campaign, email campaign, SMS, social post, and advertising traffic.

Form & Pop-up

Don’t lose anymore opportunities
from your website.
Create a smart form and pop up with a click.

Crm Pipeline

LeadBI includes a smart CRM to manage deals and opportunities.
Take a look at your business.


Engage your customers with personalized emails and build one-to-one messages effortlessly and automatically.


Integrate LeadBI with everything.
WordPress, API, MailChimp, FullContact and with your world.

Visitor Tracking

Analytics Dashboard

Get an overview of your web site traffic with our smart dashboard.

User Tracking

Track every visit on your web site, track every page which attract your visitors.

Lead Scoring

Track and identify which prospects are potentially more valuable to your company.

Social Data Enrichment

With the FullContact integration LeadBI gets all the information on your subscribers through social media profiles.

Browser and Device info

Identify which browser or device your lead uses and other useful information.

Manage Segment, tag and notes

With dynamic segments you can track your sales funnels, assign or remove tags and create new clusters.

Send Direct e-mail

Send one to one email directly to prospects, from your own email address.


You can find your contacts by setting filtering rules, such as leadscore, country, tag and much more.

GDPR Compliants

LeadBI is a GDPR Compliant product, use LeadBI for proof logs.

Add single Contact

Import your contacts database, assign a tag, and select automation. You can add all your conversations and data from your account.

Contacts Section

With the Contacts Section view all the contacts under a tab and check what is your best Lead.


Company Management

Manage and check which companies visit your website.



E-mail Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful email Campaigns

Sms Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful SMS Campaigns

Social Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful Social Campaigns

Advertising Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful advertising Campaigns

Email Campaign

Import Contacts

Import your deals from a CSV file to LeadBI, map the file and assign a tag.

Newsletter Template

LeadBI allows you to select a wide range of templates and create a beautiful Newsletters.

Send by tag and Criteria

On LeadBI you can assign a custom tag  to multiple contacts and send out an email to the selected tag.

Track and Analyze

Analyze your email campaigns and see who opened, clicked and bounced in just 1 click.

Drag and Drop Editor

With our powerful drag and drop editor, create your content by dragging and dropping content blocks and editing them. It’s super easy.

Bounced and Unsubscribed

Managing bounces and unsubscribes in email marketing is very important. We do this for you! With a quick glance, you can view how your campaign is performing.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule a date to send out a campaign or send it immediately.

Report and Insight

LeadBI has an activities report for each message delivery.

Sms Campaign

High Quality SMS

Send high quality SMS with LeadBI for a quickly delivery.

Custom ID Sender

With HQ SMS you can set your name on sender.

Targeted sms

Send SMS to users filtered by tags.


View a complete report on LeadBI for each delivery.

Social Campaign

Connect your pages

Connect your Social page on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to LeadBI.


Create and Share post

Write a post and select pages to share your post.