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Improve Inbound Marketing Communication

Get to know all the features that make LeadBI powerful for all your web marketing activities.

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In 1 platform all tool you need for Growth

Visitor Tracking and Behavior

Follow every visit on your website, know which pages attract every lead. Take your decision by data driven.


Create and Manage your digital campaign, email campaign, sms, social post and advertising traffic.

Form & Pop-up

Don’t lose anymore opportunities
from your website.
Create smart form and pop up with a click.

Crm Pipeline

LeadBI include a smart CRM for manage deals and opportunities.
Take look at your business.


Engage your customers with personalized emails and build one-to-one messages effortlessly and automatically.


Integrate LeadBI with everything.
WordPress, API, MailChimp, FullContact and with your world.

Visitor Tracking

Analytics Dashboard

Keep an overview of web site traffic with a smart dashboard

User Tracking

Follow every visit on your web site, track every page which attract your visitors.

Lead Scoring

You can track and identify which prospects are potentially more valuable to the company.

Social Data Enrichment

With the FullContact integration LeadBI get all the information on your subscribers through the social media profiles.

Browser and Device info

You can identify which browser or device use your lead and any other interesting information.

Manage Segment, tag and notes

With dynamic segments you can track your sales funnels, assign or remove tag and create new cluster.

Send Direct e-mail

Send one to one email directly to prospect and from your email address.


You can find your contacts by setting filtering rules, such as leadscore, country, tag and much more.

GDPR Compliants

LeadBI is a GDPR Compliant product, use LeadBI for proof logs.

Add single Contact

Import your contacts on your database, assign tag and select automation. You can add all your conversations and data from your account.

Contacts Section

Wit the Contacts Section view all the contacts under a tab and check what is your best Lead.


Company Management

You can manage and check which company visit your websit.



E-mail Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful email Campaign

Sms Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful sms Campaign

Social Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful Social Campaign

Advertising Campaign

Create and Manage wonderful advertisign Campaign

Email Campaign

Import Contacts

Import your deals from CSV file to LeadBI, map the file and assign a ta.

Newsletter Template

LeadBI allows you to select a wide range of templates and create a beautiful Newslette.

Send by tag and Criteria

On LeadBI you can assign a certain tag and send out the email.

Track and Analyze

Analyze the email campaign and see who opens, clicks and bounces in 1 click.

Drag and Drop Editor

With our powerful drag and drop editor, move the block and create a new content. It’s so easy.

Bounced and Unsubscribed

Manage the logs in the email marketing is very important, take a look in a glance at your logs.

Schedule Delivery

Schedule a date to send out campaign or to instant delivery.

Report and Insight

LeadBI allows you to have for each delivery a contacts activities report.

Sms Campaign

High Quality SMS

Send high quality SMS with LeadBI for a quickly delivery.

Custom ID Sender

With HQ sms you can set your name on sender.

Targeted sms

Send sms only to a user filtering by tag.


Complete report on LeadBI for each delivery.

Social Campaign

Connect your pages

Connect your Social page on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Create and Share post

Write a post and select pages to share your post.

Schedule post

You can choose to share a post in real time or to postpone it.


Full report for each social campaign.

Advertising Campaign

Track Campaign

You can track and see who opens and clicks your campaign.

Track Email from ESP

You can check the email in real timewith most popular provider as MailChimp, CostantContact.

Filter by Campaign

Send notifications to defined group of users filtering by tag.



Full report for each advertising campaign.

Dynamics Form & pop-up

Visual Builder

You can create your form with our drag and drop editor.

Choose format

Select pop-up by different format, pop under, sales form, site under.


Custom setting

Choose different custom setting as delay, trigger and color.


Track Conversion rate

Track your performance and watch how many people submitted your form.


Set Trigger

Show pop-ups of your form by exit, scroll, events and much more.

Custom Audience Facebook

Create a form only to custom audience facebook.


Thx you message

You can put an autoresponder after you visitors sign up on your form.


Select position

You can choose a position of your form, such as centric or full-page.


Sales form

You can add contacts by a certain form without tracking.

Autocapture form

You can activate the autocapture on the checkbox, if your website have already a form.


Javascript/Shortocde WP

For each form you will get a Javascript or Shortcode for WordPress integration.



Each form is tested with smartphone, tablet and other devices.


Crm Pipeline

Create multiple Pipeline

On LeadBI you can create a multiple CRM pipeline and see the report.

Add Funnel at your stage

You can note everything in one place and easily move your leads between sales funnel steps.


Manage Deals

Manage your deals for each stage of your pipeline and view your current situation.


Connect Google Calendar

LeadBI allows you to connect with your Google Calendar to organise your activities. The sync is a perfect fit for your business.


Give mind to your business


You can get an overview of all the automation created on running.

Smart Editor

You can create useful automations and connect all features with them.

Select Trigger

Select trigger for start automation, by form, visiter web, lead score and..

Set Actions

By Editor select a first action to assign a contact.

Drip email Campaign

Load the email html template and set to send out a drip email campaign.

Wait Conditions

Check if a contact match a condition or visit your page and start the automation.


Lead Condition

You can segment you leads automatically by Trigger.

Segment Leads

Segment your leads in depth by automation.


Landing Page

Dozen Template

Choose a wide range of template and start to customize.

Editor Drag and Drop

Create the landing page with our powerful drag & drop editor.


Manage Block

You can manage the block, edit, assign the colors, images and much more.

Customize url

Get link of your landing page by url or set your domain by cname.


Quick Contact


You can create and customize your quick contact widget on your website.



Set autoresponder for each question for improve customer support.

Lead generation form

You can track more conversions with your Quick Contact widget.


Assign Agent

Add and edit unlimited agent and add pictures by your website.




LeadBI is fully compatible with WordPress, download our plugin.

Dedicated SMTP

You can use default SMTP server service or add own SMTP relay.



Add the url ID campaign by Advertising campaign.



Connect your account of MailChimp in your account and syncronize contacts.

Google Tag Manager

Decide to manage and integrate all javascripts.



You can enable woocommerce option to get order and cart with wordpress plugin.


Google Calendar

Connect with Google Calendar to organise your activities.



We offer honey API to integrate for most application.


Analyze Customer Data

We join in the ERA of data Driven,  got new leads and communicate with them in real time automatically.

"Working with LeadBI is easy and very intuitive! It is more than an analitycs, inbound marketing is never been so easy"

– Terre des Homme Core –

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