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Anonymous Tracking

Track Anonymous visitors

Form and Popup Builder

Easily create Forms and Pop-ups

Native Forms

Track third-party forms

Quick Contact

A direct link with leads

Identify Visitors

Know who is visiting your website

Profile Companies

Discover which companies are interested in your products

One-to-One Emails

Send direct emails

Email Templates

Create emails starting from a pre-made template

Marketing Automation

Create a workflow to engage leads

Email Campaign

Send emails to convert

Campaign Tracking

Track Advertising Campaigns


Get statistics about your website traffic


Know which lead is hotter


Send automated notifications

Detailed Reports

Get detailed data about your leads


Integrate with third-party software

Wordpress Plugin

Easily add LeadBI to your website

Chrome Extension

Create Tracking Links


Create your integrations


Check and analyze your website visitors even before they become known leads

Full visits control

With LeadBI, you will be able to observe every action done by unidentified visitors without having them compile a form. When the visitors becomes known, the leads will maintain the actions chronology and the Leadscore, so you can analyze the lead itinerary inside the website at your best.


Catch the attention of your prospects and establish a first contact

Create Forms and Pop-ups

LeadBI allows you to integrate contact forms and pop-ups the easy way on every website. Create with just a few clicks an attractive form and customize it with the suitable colors for your website, then copy the code inside the page you want the form to appear and the job is done. Thereafter, even if you modify the form from the platform, it will always be updated on the website. Just insert the code one time, the rest is up to LeadBI.


Collect data from every form

Use the form builder you wish

With LeadBI, you can use even third part forms to collect data about your customers. You already have a form on your website? You can easily continue to use it and still be able to use every LeadBi functionality without having to re-create every form from scratch.


Quick Contact


Every website visitor is a sales opportunity. Start a conversation with visitors on your website in real-time, capture leads, and continue conversations by email. Encourage action by sending targeted messages automatically triggered by the page your visitor is viewing.


Know who is browsing your website. 96% of people who visit your website leave without filling out a form. LeadBI helps you identify the companies that visited your website and their details so your sales team never misses a sales opportunity

Visitors/Leads Filters

LeadBI allows you to filter your leads in many ways. For example by country, by industry, or by the web page they visited.


LeadBI shows you the list of a company contacts, when available

Company profile


Monitor the activities of every single contact, the duration of their visit, which pages they are visiting, which products or services they are searching and every profile information.


Send emails strictly personalized for only one contact

Direct and Focused

You notice a visitor rambling around the price page but still not buying anything? Make him an offer he can’t refuse thanks to an email written by you just for the occasion. You have a customer you would like to track even on another website? Send an email from the platform linking the new site, you will track and identify this customer even on the new website. These are just two of the infinite potentials of direct and focused emails, thanks to LeadBI your inventiveness is the limit.


Create stunning emails with our integrated builder

Drag & Drop


Thanks to our email builder you will be able to create attractive emails to use everytime you need. Create a welcome email and use it inside an automation or send it directly to a contact. Create a handwritten email for every automation or use a template, the choice is yours. Learn more >

Send emails just in time

Thanks to LeadBI you will send emails only when the prospect is ready to be contacted. Send welcome emails, add tags and propose offers just when the lead shows interest by visiting a lot of times a specific page. With the Workflow Builder, you can create a customized route to drive contact to bee simple visitors to satisfied customers. Learn more >


Begin to track all of your contacts


No matter with which platform you acquired the email addresses, import the contact list CSV, create a new email template and send it. Doing so, you have the possibility to begin tracking all your previously acquired contacts. You can also include LeadBI acquired leads and send the campaign to a more extended audience. In the campaign configuration, you can also set a tag to be added to all recipients, so you can have a quick access to every new lead. You can also check all campaigns sent to a contact from its profile page.


Web Marketing Integration

LeadBI integrates with your existing web marketing campaigns, these integrations allow you to track and analyze advertising clicks, even if those are months apart.


Get an overall view


LeadBI tracks every visit through all the lead lifecycle from even the first anonymous page view. Reports allow you to analyze and improve your marketing activity ROI.


Points based on actions

LeadBI allocates a score (Leadscore) to every visitor, both anonymous and known, based on actions done on the website. Every page view and form submit increases the contact points. It’s even possible to adjust the score gain for every page view so you can weight every page in the best way. With the Leadscore, you can always tell which lead is more inclined to become a customer.


Send notification to yourself


LeadBI Alerts notifies you when leads or companies are visiting your website or even a specific page. The alerts are fully customizable to adapt to every need.


In-depth data

LeadBI gives you real-time visibility on who is visiting your website, the duration of their visit, which pages they are visiting, what products or services they are looking for, and their complete contact details. View in-depth company and contact information and qualify the warmest leads based on visitor engagement, company size, technologies used and more. 


LeadBI integrates with tools you already use. Upload your visitors to your CRM or add them to your favorite email marketing software

CRM & Email Marketing Integrations


Use our 1 click integration with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive and more. LeadBI makes it easy for your sales and marketing teams to monitor, organize, and follow up the warmest leads. LeadBI integrates with your current email marketing service so you can see what your subscribers will do when they click through. Once the contact is identified all future and past visits are associated with their email address.


WordPress Plugin

Thanks to our plugin, installing the tracking code will be done in just 3 clicks. Add the plugin, log into your account and the job is done, simple as that.


Create tracking links from every page with just a click.

Tracking links on the go


The LeadBI Chrome Extension will help you creating tracking links without having to open LeadBI. Just add the link URL, the email and the name of the recipient, the LeadBI extension will create a tracking URL to paste into the email. You can also use it to create tracking links to use with the email marketing software you most like. We are already integrated with the major services, but you can manually add the dynamic tags to integrate also with the ones that are not already integrated. To download it, search LeadBI inside the Chrome Web Store or just click here.


With our API you can also build your own integration


LeadBI API allows you to share data with third-party software. You can also use them to make changes to lead profiles automatically.


Javascript API

LeadBI Javascript API allows you to create custom events, add contact information to users and add profile details.

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