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Know your audience

Tracking and auto-profiling tools

Get to know your anonymous visitors

Observe how every visitor interacts with your website and know the journey of every one of your users.

Lead Score

Automatically award a score to the user for every interaction. Recognize instantly which potential lead is the most interested in your company and services.

Use LeadBI tracking from every source

Track all your contacts with LeadBI, even if you already use third-party services for your email marketing.

Identify the businessess looking for you

LeadBI enables you to identify the companies who visited your website. Know who’s searching for your services and be ready for a custom-tailored proposal.

Others features:

“Quick Contact” widget automatically added to your website •
Detailed visitor history • Entry point and contact point analysis

Personal and
One-to-One, but Automatic

Automations, Landing Page Builder & Form Builder

Landing Page and Form creators

Easily create contact forms or entire landing pages from scratch, using LeadBI’s internal builders. Gather new data from your website and integrate your LeadBI account right from the initial contact.

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Automations and Workflow

Automate one-to-one emails, add tags to your contacts, send SMS messages, manage the score of every lead and build conversion paths and drip campaigns tailored for every user type. Create the automation and let it work for you.

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Campaigns and Email Templates

Create and send single or bulk emails, use our pre-made templates optimized to work as-is and to make you save time.

Funnel CRM

No need for an externa CRM to manage the customer journey. Create your pipeline, set  a value for every lead and analyze your returns. Trace the path from Anonymous Visitor to Loyal Customer.

Others features:

Real-time email alerts for you and your team • Advertising campaigns tracking • Detailed on-demand reports

Personal and One-to-One,
but Automatic

Email Automations, Landing Page builder & Form Builder


Easily incorporate LeadBI in your business processes

WordPress Plugin

If you have a WordPress website is even easier to integrate LeadBI. You just have to install the plugin.

Native Forms

Track the submissions of the contact forms already included in your website. You don’t even have to create new forms. Just insert one line of javascript: plug & play!

Chrome extension

Create tracking links right frm the browser window and use them in the marketing software of your choice. Then, log in your LeadBI account and look at the data already waiting for you.


LeadBI’s API let you integrate any third-party software, send custom events, add contact info and update all the details in the lead profile.
Other Features:
Social account integration (Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn) • WordPress shortcode • SMTP integration

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