What happens if we combine Marketing Automation and Remarketing?


What is Remarketing?
Remarketing is a practice of online advertising that builds on previous actions carried out by users on the web. It’s based on cookies, uses a simple Javascript anonymous to “follow” the audience across the web.
Enter the javascript code into your site, which occurs when you activate a campaign. Whenever a new visitor comes to the site, automatically through this code are released the data to the browser with an anonymous cookie. This cookie allows your remarketing provider to serve ads that can only see people who visited your site.




What happens if we combine it with Marketing Automation?
If we combine Marketing Automation tools with the Re-marketing, the advertisement can be published and well focused, in order to increase the probability of conversion from people who have already visited our website.

With marketing automation you can increases the level of customization remarketing. The level of customization, or real-time personalization, fits our content based on the type of leads that we communicate. The Marketing automation, therefore, is able to profile and track important contact data and choose for them the most suitable type of communication.


Marketing automation made simple!

by | Oct 26, 2017