The Integration of the Machine Learning – What is it and why is a new trend



The Machine Learning is considered one of the main trends of this 2018 (Click here)
It’s a technique used by Marketers to create increasingly targeted and efficient content.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence that allows the machines to analyze the data provided and to learn from it without teaching the person. Thus developing an intelligence of the machine that will be able to identify problems and causes to be solved in the future.


What’s about it?

This application is composed by 3 factors:

The Model indicates to the machine what must be analyzed and repeated.
For example: you want to know when to take a break, your model could start as ‘work longer without a break, less productive become’.

The Machine Learning parameters are data and factors that are analyzed to perform model iterations.
For example: the amount of time worked without taking a break and how productive you are. The parameters are invariable.

The Learner is the system through which the machine takes its conclusions. Use the model, parameters and a relevant set of data and adjust the model to make it as consistent as possible with the final report obtained from the data.

Into the international companies the importance of Machine Learning is growing considerably, which allows for a more complete and efficient analysis and to optimize the time of your and your company team.


The Future of Machine Learning for Companies

The possible uses of this new application method are almost infinite based on the quantity and quality of the data to be evaluated and the benefits of having a model that automatically improves the analysis and the business strategies are too many to be ignored by companies.

The introduction of Machine Learning in companies in the coming years will change the pace and the entire data analysis process that will cause an increase in qualified staff within the team.


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