Inbound marketing or Outbound marketing? how differentiate them


what they are and how differentiate them

Inbound and outbound marketing are two concepts that are in marketing for many years and are part of the everyday marketers. Even today, though, it is hard to understand the true meaning of these concepts and their difference.
Outbound marketing is the set of all marketing techniques, which have as their sole goal find new customers. Leverages tools like means as telemarketing, radio, email, Campaign Ads, print advertising, banner campaigns and newsletters. Over the years, the users have shown little interest and annoyance towards brands that use these techniques.

Monitor the data and results with the outbound marketing is very difficult and you do not have precise data. In addition, the outbound marketing takes a large part of the budget for many marketing agencies and presents three important problems:

  1. Difficulty of detecting the return on investment (ROI);
  2. Users activate different techniques of block to not be annoyed;

A high cost and low yield.

outbound_mktIn outbound marketing success builds on the simplicity of the message they receive customers and on the amount of times it is repeated. Not surprisingly then, there is a greater and ever-increasing use of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the process that generates interest in your brand, which is achieved thanks to the relevance of your content and attract potential customers.It’s a strategy that deals to attract users ‘ attention on the web by generating valuable content and effective campaigns.
Inbound marketing helps increase: the traffic on your website, sales, customer trust and lead generation.

It is a process which is divided into four parts:

  1. attraction only to interested users;
  2. conversion from visitor to lead;
  3. closing of the deal in a positive way;
  4. customer loyalty.

There are many benefits with the inbound marketing:

  1. It creates brand awareness.Your company must be present in the main topic, that is, when the user makes a search by sector or product/service and inbound marketing helps you to do so.
  2. It builds relationships, because the content you create on a daily basis establish a direct relationship with customers that allow you to provide insights, suggestions and answers to their questions. This way you will be an authoritative source in your industry and the buyer will remember you the moment you decide to make the purchase.
  3. Lead generation, because inbound marketing will improve the quality of your leads.


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