Using Marketing Automation software allows companies to take full advantage of the contact database and increase sales pipelines.

Email automation in addition to a conversion use, allow you to create efficient strategies of Lead Nurturing, so as to retain both new customers and those already acquired in the past.

You can create workflows that can be triggered in different ways: for example, when a contact signs up for the newsletter, when he completes a form to download an ebook, when he opens an e-mail sent by your company. It is possible to activate an automatic e-mail when a visitor visits a specific page within the website.




Welcome Email

Welcome Workflows are the most used and allow an increase in clicks and open rates.
The trigger (an event that triggers e-mail) is usually called ‘Trial Registration’ or ‘Plan Subscription’ if the user is paying. It is activated every time a user completes the registration form.

it is recommended to include information and training material in this type of e-mail.


Notice – Expiry of the trial period

Another very important workflow is the expiry notice of the trial period.
In a site with registration and free trial it is important to send notification e-mails at the right time.
In this case, in addition to remembering the expiration date, it is recommended to use special offers and to start a Lead Nurturing strategy to convert the Lead into a paying customer.

Setting this worfklow is very easy: you have to reuse the user’s ‘Registration form’ and set the ‘Wait For’ trigger


Industry email

Thanks to the possibility to segment the database you can divide your contacts also for the type of business sector.
A website usually contains landing pages and blog articles specific to each topic.
Create a workflow for each theme related to your sector, themes that you also cover on your website. When a user visits a specific page, direct e-mails will be sent with contents that link to the topic. Finally, do not forget to create a workflow for each user event after sending the e-mail (opening, download, click).

When sending material such as e-books, white papers, infographics etc. try to choose based on your lead preferences. For example, if the lead is used to ignore e-books and white papers, opt for an effective and quick to read infographic.
Thanks to the tracking of users, with LeadBI, it is very easy to notice the behavior of our customers and behave accordingly.


Email for the most interested Lead

Create a dynamic list that updates automatically to include contacts that are really ‘involved’ with your products. To create these lists based on the collected data: visits to your site, clicks on your emails, form registration and downloaded content. Then create an email workflow to constantly feed leads with special content and targeted offers.


Support email

These e-mails can be exploited at first when, thanks to the marketing automation software, there is an uncertain behavior of the customer. In this case it is good to offer support emails, to explain the functionality of your products.
it is recommended to offer information services, demos or webinars that will allow the user to understand and make the most of your services.
In this way you will nurture the relationship with your potential customers, giving care and attention.


Email for Lead Nurturing

If contacts constantly download your support and training materials such as e-books, white papers and infographics, they show a high rate of interest.
Continue to feed these contacts with landing pages aimed at the purchase of your product, personalized offers, case studies of other customers. In this way you will bring customers to a next step, ready for conversion into paying customers.
Lead Nurturing strategies are very efficient, and contacts already interested in your products and services will be more likely to share your content on social media.


Email for inactive contacts

Send e-mails of re-engagement to inactive contacts, registering contacts once they have met certain criteria on the list. To create these workflows set time conditions, since the last time they filled out a form or since the last visit to the site for example. Resume contacts with these users and try to capture their interest with special offers again


Email for Events

If you host a live event or an online event, use workflow mails to automate your communications to the event’s subscribers.
In This way you can register who will participate in the event, the maybe and the refusal to the invitation.
Create an email of information that members should know before the event, when the event will be terminated, sets up a workflow that gives participants online access to all the material linked to the event.


Email reminder

E-mail ideal for e-commerce. Create a workflow focused on the abandonment of the shopping cart and when a visitor leaves the site without completing the purchase, you can trigger an email workflow that remembers the forgotten purchase. You can also incentivize the purchase with discount codes.


Up-selling Email

Continue to communicate with your customers even after purchasing your products, use workflows as an opportunity to update or to propose plans, products and services of superior value to existing customers. These upselling e-mails can also be used to recommend purchasing products similar to those previously purchased.
Create contact lists of users who buy a certain product, or a combination of products, and create workflows with the purpose of recommending other products / services and encouraging their sale.


E-mail for customer satisfaction

For the Customer Success Management of your company database, you can use the NPS (Net promoter Score) as a property to trigger workflow.
Determine the degree of gratification of your ideal customers, and use it as a threshold for your dynamic list of gratified customers. Reward users with a high score with exclusive content, coupons and special offers.
Then create a different workflow for your ‘unhappy’ customers that include content aimed at raising their level of satisfaction.

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