When we talk about Landing Page we refer to a page created strategically within a website. The landing page is one of the main points of an inbound marketing strategy, because it is the place where the visitor is converted into leads.

Considered the main key for all activities aimed at Lead Generation, a landing page must be efficient, functional and must guarantee an easy connection between visitors and the company.

With LeadBI it is now possible to build a successful landing page, thanks to the new integrated Builder.
The Landing Page generator allows you to create, choose the conversion goal of the page and customize it with content, modules and effects.


You can choose between 4 types of conversion between:

  • Opt-in form
  • Link Click
  • Form Opt-in / Link Click
  • No Goal


Contains a wide selection of customizable contents such as text, image, video, maps, countdowns, modules etc. The ability to display and hide blocks in process and various effects features to be applied within the landing page.

The applicable effects include:

  • Hover (Mouseover Effects)
  • Click (Effects after a click on the link)
  • Even / Odd (Effect that adjusts items with two alternate specific styles)


It’s possible to add already constructed templates and customize them.

Click here and try the new sectiond personlized for create landing pages with block pre-built

Realize your landing page and increase your contacts!

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by | Feb 21, 2018

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