Agency Dashboard


When you become a LeadBi reseller you have access to the Dashboard Reseller.

You can manage your subaccounts, keep track of your statistics, manage payments and your customer’s contact limits

All you need within the same interface

So what is this dashboard about?

This is how it looks, there are four tabs: Subaccount, Agency users, Subscription, Settings.

Each subaccount is created without default limits.

As a reseller, with LeadBI you can use your logo and make sure that customers always have the best possible experience. You can set the domain and name that best represent your business.

How does the dashboard work?

In the Subaccount tab, you will be able to create new ones, manage limits, and take a look at the use of subaccounts. To log in with a subaccount click on the Login icon in the account list.

In Manage Account, you can choose the name and status of the subaccount by clicking Edit Subaccount in the Manage menu. In the Whitelabel Setup tab you will find the functions that allow you to set the whitelabel, You can also set it in the Settings tab.

On the Agency Users tab, you can edit and create Agency Users, these users will be able to access the Agency Dashboard.

For more specific info about the Agency Dashboard and of the White Label click here

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Check the support online where you can find all of the FAQs, detailed articles and guides

by | Oct 9, 2017

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