10 Techniques to Capture More Leads from your websites

10 Techniques to Capture More Leads From Your Website

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective to capture more leads by the minute. Permission marketing on the other hand can be an untapped source of new customers, you have to hedge your bets to keep the CAC low and the pipeline full.

When the old methods get tired, here are a few more to try:


Having a blog helps drive traffic to your website. Blogging solves the problem of driving traffic by adding more pages in the search engine index, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in the search engines and drive traffic to your website organically.

Blogging also helps convert traffic into leads. Now that you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.

Call-To-Action Popups

Creating killer content for your blog simply isn’t enough these days. You need to pull people to your website and get them on your mailing list. The sad truth is that no matter how great your web content is, 70 if the people that visit your site for the first time are going to leave and never come back. This doesn’t mean necessarily that you have bad content, it just means there is way too much information and options for them to chose from.

The only option to get these visitors back to your site time and time again is through email marketing.

While these popups may seem annoying, they are usually only shown once to a visitor every 15 days or so. What does matter is that these types of popup call-to-action work extremely well and are adding millions of email addresses to your blog mailing list.

Industry Reports

Reports are the perfect format for sharing industry insights your potential customers may want to know. Reports often include graphs, charts, and text used to illustrate industry trends and growth projections. This type of content it’s another great list building technique that your audience also finds incredibly insightful.


By now, you’ve probably used some sort of survey to to quiz site visitors. These tools allow you to find out what  your like and what they don’t.  Before creating a survey, it’s important to think about its purpose. Common purposes include: market research, soliciting  feedback and monitoring performance. In conclusion, surveys and polls are a very effective tool for gathering feedback from customer and reduce the uncertainty around important decisions.

Free Guide

A guide is a detailed and fairly long  piece of content. Guides draw readers in and give you a chance to demonstrate your subject expertise. Use them to show your audience how to put in practice what you teach.

Hello Bar

If you’re unfamiliar with the Hello Bar, it’s a full width bar that spans your browser window with some text and a link promoting something. It doesn’t look like much, but it can add a lot of email addresses to your website.

Video Series

What better way to differentiate yourself from the competition than with video ? Videos are an ideal platform for interviews, demonstrations, how-to guides, and any content with which you want to communicate a clearer images of your business.


For the uninitiated webinars are online seminars or master classes designed to educate around a clear and concise topic. Generally around 30-40 minutes, these live events are a fantastic way to demo a product show off a new feature, offer tips, hacks, or best practices. Make sure to offer real value when it comes to encouraging participation. Someone who takes the time to attend and take part in a webinar is more than likely someone who will stick around and use your services for the long term,

Free Tools

If you can offer an easy-to-use software tool on your website, for free, it will build trust with your audience. An example can be an website analyzer or checklist verification. More trust inevitably means more leads.


These work great for B2B companies or a business that works in a very technical space, as people love to read and gain expertise about their industry. Make sure you don’t promote your services or product. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed. So write it form a neutral perspective to give actionable insights. Share the eBook socially and ask your networks to share it for you.

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