Use LeadBI’s Dynamic Content to personalize your website

With the new Dynamic Content feature it’s even easier to integrate LeadBI in your website.

This feature allows you to insert dynamic texts directly in your web pages, making it possibile to show different content to any single visitor, based on the info present in your visitor’s profile.

You have to insert a tag like this one:

Hi <{{ first_name | Dear Visitor }}>, welcome on the website.

and the resulting message will be:

Hi <{{ first_name | Dear Visitor }}>, welcome on the website.


What is happening here:

  • If the you are unknown and you didn’t share any info with LeadBI, you will see the message:
    Hi Dear Visitor, welcome to the website
  • Instead, if you are already present in LeadBI’s database (because you have an account or you’ve filled one of our forms), the first_name field will activate, and you will see the name you inserted, instead of Dear Visitor.
  • You can find all the available tags supported by the Dynamic Content feature at this link.

Thanks to this integration it’s possible to create a huge number of personalized messages in every page of your website, making your content even more personalized and relevant for your users!

by | Aug 29, 2018