What is internationalization and why use LeadBI as a main tool?






Internationalization is an important and complicated business phase, thanks also to the few complete marketing tools available to us. Agencies and consultants often need to ask companies for a high budget due to purchases of different tools.

If you are a consultant, agency or professional, this article is for you.

We explain how you can simplify your internationalization processes using our LeadBI platform.




LeadBI is able to identify potential foreign customers in real time thanks to the multiplicity of functions within the platform, you can offer your customers a complete service that goes from the analysis of visitors and place to promotion and follow-up.

The tracking and identification function allows you to view and extract important data to capture potential customers. You will be able to extrapolate a certain amount of visitor data such as place, company, visited pages, downloaded resources and much more that will allow you to quickly realize a targeted marketing strategy for a certain location and a certain target.

You can create efficient e-mail marketing and texting campaigns, which allow you to create promotional strategies targeted to your target audience. The contacts within the database can be segmented according to geography, for example, which allows you to have an organized contact list. Segmenting your contacts will help you speed up the time when searching for a contact and when sending campaigns. It is also possible to profile each identified lead in detail.

The possibility of integrating LeadBI with the other marketing platforms used by your customers, allows you to analyze and contact their old contacts, follow up with newsletters, direct and personalized e-mails.

Thanks to marketing automation you can create workflows designed for each type of nation, for example if you analyze the behavior of American visitors, you can create workflows designed for their actions and targeted exclusively to them.

With LeadBI and the Marketing Automation you will get excellent results that will bring visibility and a turnover increase for you and your customers.


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