monitoraggio singole pagine di applicazione
Tracking of a single page application with LeadBI


monitoraggio delle spa

In LeadBI from today you can also track the SPA pages.

SPA, single page application, is an application that loads all the resources needed to move around the site, on the first upload. Pages are dynamically loaded, but you can also see a destination URL in the address bar.

For a single-page application where the site dynamically loads the new content of the page, the code runs only once. This means that subsequent views should be monitored manually when the new content is loaded.

All this is possible using javascript framework as Angular.js.

When the application loads content dynamically and updates the URL in the address bar, the data stored by LeadBI is automatically updated.

The difference between LeadBI and other analysis platforms, to make this type of tracking work just enter the tag on the inside of the page and LeadBI starts to automatically trace without any particular user work.


This new feature allows users to track, without any difficulties, any kind of website.

by | Dec 20, 2017

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by | Dec 20, 2017