The new Funnel function


The inclusion of an integrated CRM system within the LeadBI Marketing Automation platform makes the management and organization of the leads simpler and more practical.

We have already saw why to integrate a CRM system with Marketing Automation (Read Here).




The new feature has been added to the LeadBI Dashboard.

Proceed with the Funnel activation for your profile:



Inside the interface you can access a complete overview of the sales pipelines.

Each contact is organized according to the funnel, the currency, the status and the estimated closing date.

Leads are entered manually, you can manage them in the same interface and be segmented into funnels.


With this new feature, LeadBI offers the ability to reduce the use of an excessive amount of marketing tools by managing the sales pipelines of your potential customers directly within the same platform.



Follow our guide to activate the new Funnel function

by | Jan 31, 2018