The evolution of Digital Marketing in 3 steps


Email marketing has made much progress since it relies on an interactive pop-up to capture new leads.

There is a 3 steps path to make your digital marketing most advanced, effective and evolved:


The segmentation occurs when the marketers segment their contacts in specific mailing lists based on an attribute or a common feature.

Here are some ways to segment your email list:





Contact reactive or non-reactive-previous clients

According to a study by the market, 39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher open rates.


For custom tags we refer to tag types as these {$ firstname} or {$ companyname! “Your agency”}. These tags appear to require some kind of coding experience but we have a way to make it all easier.
If your contact’s information is saved in your database or mailing list, our personalization tool will automatically fill in the details.

Here are some tips for customizing tags:

-Into the registration form always add the name field.

-Check the data to see if they are correct or if there are fake names.

-Do not use the surname


Marketing automation takes segmentation to the individual level by sending customized communications to each lead based on how they interacted with your previous emails and your website.
For example, let’s say that a potential customer visits a shop online and view a pair of shoes for a while. About an hour later, they receive a promotional email with those exact shoes for a special price. The sale is pretty much already done!

The marketing automation makes digital marketing more powerful.

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by | Sep 19, 2017

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by | Sep 19, 2017