The difference between Sms Marketing and Email Marketing?



More and more often, in recent years, we also receive SMS from shops and companies with the intent to sell services and products through SMS marketing campaigns. The text message is a standard technology integrated on all types of phones on the market: everyone can send and receive SMS, regardless of the technology being used. An SMS is instant, the opening rate is 98% and allows you to have a direct and fast relationship with your customers. SMS also attracts marketers for the ability to automate SMS. (See also: how Marketing automation works)     SMS Marketing is a promotional activity, which uses text messages to inform customers about their offers as well as on their products. SMS marketing campaigns are aimed exclusively at customers and contacts who have given their consent to send promotional messages. To emerge with SMS marketing campaigns it is necessary to stand out from competitors with creative, relevant and timely promotion and communication strategies.


Building a list of emails or phone numbers properly is tiring and very often expensive, but it is the only way to ensure value results and avoid problems with both the law and spam filters. We have already explained the use and convenience of automated emails, we explain what are some of the great differences between email marketing and SMS marketing.

  • The email address is a ‘talking data‘: by analyzing the associated domain we can have different information (whether we have a work email, a free box, or an associated site) and we can get information like your first and last name; , in some cases corporate role. With the simple phone number we do not have access to all this data. Every email sent must contain a clear reference to the possibility of canceling the registration, better if handled directly with a link and an automated procedure. This allows you to avoid classification as spam and to make our submissions effective.
  • Unsubscribe from an SMS marketing service is never clear: the brevity of the message does not allow the reference to the procedures, which, at best, are deferred to a possible website. It is therefore extremely important that the SMS supplier will provide us with all the tools to handle unsubscribes in the best possible way.
  • The tools provided by the SMS service providers are varied: from the simplest, where you can decide the mailing lists, up to the most sophisticated services, which provide the creation of landing pages, automatic autoresponders etc. Email is a much more structured communication tool than the SMS. With years it has consistently refined. The ability to insert texts, images, and links makes it a versatile and reliable leader for loyalty and lead conversion.
  • Spam filters play a key role in email marketing: it is necessary to send relevant and interesting messages to the right people, so that they will open them. An unopened email, unsubscribe or spam reporting negatively affects the company’s deliverabilty. in SMS marketing the phenomena of wild Spam are contained because of the high cost of the medium.


LeadB with its new release has added the ability to send automatic SMS, as easily as when sending an automatic email!
With the addition of this feature, LeadBI is getting closer to the needs of each customer.



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