• Conversion rate 70% 70%
  • Lead Generation 50% 50%
  • Website Traffic 40% 40%
  • Customer Happiness 80% 80%

Terre Des Hommes CORE Trust (Children’s Organization for Relief and Education) is a registered Indian Non Governmental / Child Welfare Organization (NGO) working for children in distress, children in need of care and protection and the rehabilitation of disabled children.

They were looking for a platform capable of giving them the insights they needed about user interaction with their website, to be able to assess which programs and initiatives were more interesting for each visitor, and how they interacted with the website in general.

With the help of LeadBI, they were able to gather precious insights on visitor interaction and navigation, being able to create an history for every interested user, and to give updated reports to the team for direct, timely and accurate phone recalling.