Infographic #04


What you need to achieve strong partnerships is to focus efforts, energy and time on the marketing partners that are related to your business niche. Your product or service will be promoted by a much larger target.


Creating efficient content to generate qualified leads is a fundamental process.
Ebooks, White Papers, Blog and Guest Posts help generate lots of leads. These are activities that require time, consistency and constancy.
To be added SEO optimization as the main activity for the company marketing team. Website, content marketing and search engine optimization resources are able to achieve a high percentage of leads on a monthly basis.


Show them why buying your product or service was a smart decision. Onboarding is what can help you embody the values ​​of the product in your software, in e-mail marketing, in the support process and in whatever you choose.
The user must be followed before, during and after the purchase of the service or product. Form your potential customers, give constant and active support.


Share your content and information about your product through your own customers. Spreading on social media from third parties and from your customers attracts more leads.
In every niche of the SaaS sector there are many specific portals and web directories. Lists of these online resources can be profitable for your lead generation process.