Convert visitors into Leads!

Marketing Platform by Artificial Intelligence


LeadBI is a marketing automation software.
Collects info about your website visitors and turns them into leads.
LeadBI includes dozens of functionalities to help you convert visitors!

Identify, track, nurture and convert using LeadBI.

How does LeadBI work?



Anonymous website visitors are no longer an unknown. LeadBI reveals your website’s anonymous traffic identity and transforms every visit into a selling opportunity. Our technology allows you to track everything in real-time: from website visits to email marketing activities.



Help your sales reps craft their best pitch by looking at which pages each company has visited, understand prospects’ current technology profile, and the history of their website visits.


Import a contact list from your CRM or other platform and begin to track them with LeadBI using our email campaigns. Add a tag to immediately segment those new leads.You will also see what campaigns were sent to the contact inside the profile page.

Discover all Features

Quick Contact Widget

Every website visitor is a sales opportunity. Start a conversation with visitors on your website in real-time, capture leads, and continue the conversations by email.

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With our API, you can build your own integrations. Using our API, you can add more data to your profiles or take real-time decisions based on the current visitor profile.

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Form and Popup Builder

With LeadBI you can easily create attractive forms and popups, customize it with the most fitting style, add the script inside your website and the job is done.

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Campaign Tracking

LeadBI integrates with your existing email marketing campaigns. These integrations allow you to see the individuals that return to your website, even if the visits are months apart.

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Know immediately when a visitor lands on your page and completes a certain action. LeadBI Alerts will notify you once the ‘trigger’ action has been completed by the visitor.

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Chrome Extension

Create tracking links for email marketing campaigns without having to log into LeadBI.
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Setting-up the integration is a piece of cake. Just copy and paste our tag or install our CMS extension.



All major CMS


Google Tag Manager



I always used Google Analytics, but it didn’t give me enough information on who my actual leads are. A colleague of mine told me about this platform and I just love how LeadBI gives me a lot more insightful and actionable data. It was also simpler than expected to add to my website.

“Barbara Ulmi”
Director of MediaGrow

I’ve been using LeadBI for a while and I’m really impressed with this platform. It gives everything you need to make complex marketing automation campaign, yet it keeps it simple. The team is always working on new features and the support is great.

“Fabio De Luca”
Indipendent Marketing Consultant

Very intuitive and well designed User Experience with helpful resources and stunning analytics. Unfortunately, the visitor identification for Europe is still under development so we are eager to know when this will be more accurate so we can get on board.

“Alex Evans”
Fresh Design

I learned about Marketing Automation only some weeks ago, I was searching for a simple platform that also gives a trial account and I found LeadBI. I found it quite intuitive and I was able to make my first campaign in a really short time.

“Alessandro Acciavatti”
ADVisual Web Agency

The support team is great, the platform is on continuous improvement and it is surprisingly easy to use. I tried a few other marketing platforms but LeadBI is the one which I found more suitable for my business.

“Samuel Orga”

After trying other platforms, I found LeadBI intuitive and straightforward. It gives you everything you need without any futile feature, you always have what you need at the right time.

“Carlos Dicheraz”
Ceo MediaBiz

I used to use Mailchimp to make my marketing campaigns, but something was missing. I searched for a marketing automation software with a fast and hassle-free integration with Mailchimp and I found LeadBI. Now I got every subscriber under control and I also have all the data I need.

“Diana Tecker”
Marketing manager at Websixt Inc.