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Marketing Automation is a technology that supports the marketing process, enabling targeted communications that feed the leads until they become ready to be hired, improving the management of marketing programs, or campaigns, and improving their ability to measure their impact on sales.

Success in B2B is an effective relationship management with its customers, followed by the creation of a trusted relationship. Customers want to be informed and stay in touch with their supplier at all times. Managing these relationships means spending time and resources.

Marketing automation includes

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

  Campaign Management

  Contact prediction/Scoring

  Lead Management

  CRM Integration

  Social media Marketing

  Marketing Analytics

The company can define its communication plan based on specific times and goals. The most effective strategy for dealing with a marketing automation project in a few steps:

  • Define goals
  • Managing contacts
  • Feed the contacts
  • Measure your return on investment



marketing automation


LeadBI is a lead generation software that shows information about visitors to your website and transforms them into contacts. This is a B2B tool that traces anonymous visitors to the site even if they don’t leave any personal information.

You will be aware of their company name, business contact details, and find the pages you are viewing so you can know exactly what each business is interested in.

With LeadBi you have control over every single visit, you can easily create forms and pop-ups, identify companies that have visited your site and know their information, profile companies, send personalized emails targeted at a single contact and create custom templates!

Discover all the features LeadBi offers and enter the world of Marketing Automation

by | Oct 3, 2017

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LeadBI is a lead generation software that uncovers your website visitors and turns them into leads. With powerful features you can identify visitors and nurture by email automation.

by | Oct 3, 2017