The Marketing Automation software market is growing rapidly, over 50% of companies use automations and the market is expected to expand in the coming months.

2018 will focus on creating unique and engaging experiences that add value to the evolved, super-connected, always online consumer, and marketing automation will be the channel to meet their needs.

Here is a list of the main trends that will influence the Marketing Automation industry:

  • Growth continued
    The number of Marketing Automation software vendors grew by 36% in 2017, a clear indicator of the growing market demand.
    According to the Salesforce report ‘State of marketing 2017’, 67% of marketing leaders use marketing Automation in their strategy, thus becoming one of the main tools for increasing corporate turnover.


  • Customed content
    Content marketing continues to be a major factor in Marketing Automation.
    The context will be the driving force behind the growth of this business. Consumers require more experience from the brands they interact with. They expect brands to know their tastes and preferences and offer advice on smart products that are worth it.
    Thanks to the social and powerful features of marketing automation software, marketers have the opportunity to formulate an extremely accurate customer profile.
    Custom content will be the key ingredient for brand loyalty.


  • Smart Marketing Automation
    Big companies like Netflix and Starbucks are already operating with AI + Machine Learning software to create hyper-personalized experiences for customers. Their growth is sufficient evidence that predictive personalization is a good way to go.
    For Machine Learning we mean a process that allows computers to learn from experience: program performance improves after performing a task or completing an action.For this reason 2018 is expected that Machine Learning and analysis techniques will be worked together, by a good percentage of marketers, for the creation of contents.
    The same reasoning applies to Artificial Intelligence software that will be exploited to automate the study of user behavior, online activities, for the creation of hyper-personalized user profiles.


  • Chatbox
    Chatbots that still play a crucial role in customer service and customer engagement will become smarter and be able to receive behavioral data in the future. They can also be integrated with third-party software.
    Platforms and messaging such as Facebook Messenger have been a huge success with chatbots.


  • Automated Social Media
    The automation of social media marketing will be on the agenda, companies try to reach the right audience with their messages at the right time.
    Organic visibility will continue to fall on platforms like Facebook. To counteract this, companies are committed to improving their ROI and increasing their budget for social media marketing.


  • User retention
    In 2018, the customer experience will evolve into a cross-functional marketing function and will dictate future campaigns based on user engagement and response.
    Companies will push a lot to understand the customer journey of anonymous users who have not carried out transactions on their site. Being able to track their visitor-to-lead journey will provide real value in terms of growth.


  • Mobile
    Mobile marketing will be an important growth factor for companies.
    The Marketing Automation will be the tool that weaves a web elaborated around the specific strategies of involvement conceived by the Marketers and ensures the effectiveness of these strategies.


  • Dominate integrated marketing on multiple channels
    Starting this 2018, marketers will be more likely to succeed with a multi-channel marketing strategy.
    The use of 2 or more communication channels increases levels of involvement, which is why marketers will work on a multi-channel system to make their customers involved in more points of contact.

by | Feb 27, 2018

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