The Marketing automation software was born and used mainly in America and abroad. In recent years, slowly, they are also coming to Italy.

Training to fully learn this new marketing process is essential for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Despite the evolution from traditional to digital marketing, companies continue to send their communications to the entire database, without making any necessary distinction. Thus maintaining a major defect in the system, because segmentation allows you to obtain a visibly high number of openings and clicks.

Just think that each person is different from the other and has their own different need on the other.




Welcome Email

If we entrust to Marketing automation the management of the personalized welcome emails we will have an increase of click and open rate. Also there is the ability to set up a following email to get the customer’s trust.
Welcome emails are the most used by those who use marketing automation.
To set up a welcome email you need to create a trigger called, usually, ‘subscription‘.
Email di benvenuto marketing automation

Notice – Expiry of the trial period

Another personalized and very important email is the notice of expiration of the trial period.
In a site with registration and free trial It is important to send email notification at the right time.
In This case, in addition to remembering the expiration date, to make an offer or to write a phrase that advises the customer to continue his experience with you.

Setting this type of automation is very easy: just resume the user’s ‘registration Form‘ and set the duration of the ‘Wait For’.

Email di notifica scadenza trial marketing automation

Support Email

Support emails help to gain the trust of users, so it is important to think about what kind of support you have to give and how.

Depending on the type of user we have to think about what can be discarded between eBooks, demos, whitepapers, videos or other. We choose only one solution, the closest to the type of behavior of our user.

You can start an automation if, for example, we notice that our user looks in the Help section, always the usual topic.
Thanks to user tracking, with LeadBI, it is very easy to notice the behaviors of our customers and to behave accordingly.

We can set for example, a proposal for a Demo, to a customer who uses little the platform and often navigates on the website by clicking on the page ‘features’.

These are just some automatic e-mails that you can send to users, segmented and personalized e-mails that allow to give attentions regularly to potential customers or customers already acquired.






by | Dec 15, 2017

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