Making a new email campaign with LeadBi is easy and fast!

Making a new email campaign with LeadBi is easy and fast!!


There are so many platforms that offer services to create email marketing campaigns, but they are often difficult to use.
Let’s explain to you today how to create an e-mail campaign in a few easy steps through LeadBi! Our team works day after day to offer you intuitive, efficient and fast services!


Open the “Campaign” tab and the dashboard of the email campaign will appear, here you can see the data for your email campaigns. Click + and create your campaign.
Once created, you can see the Setup screen where you can choose to change your campaign name, email address, sender name and email and you can add a different email address from the email address of the sender.

Last but not least, we have the TAGs.

Thanks to the use of tags, you can split your contacts, add all the tags you need, and it is the only type of filter that can be added several times.
Then go to the Build section to create your email campaign with our Drag editor, If you need help, please look at Email Template Guide.

You have the possibility to resume templates already built and used for other email campaigns, change the text and the game is done!

You have almost arrived at the conclusion! Once you’ve saved your email, go to the Existing Contacts tab where you can easily find the necessary contacts by applying the various filters: through the tag, through the contacts of an old email you’ve selected, through the contacts that clicked in the link of a specific campaign email already made. You can also filter by country and city you select.

Now you can import contacts from an external source !!
Just click CSV Import on the Imported Contacts tab, configure the settings, and click Finish. (Discover new release updates, importing contacts has never been easier)

Beyond to importing contacts you can enter all the information you have on them.
You can import a list from MailChimp (Discover LeadBi Integrations)

All you have to do is check all the information and send it.

You have created your own email campaign! Simple not?


For any doubt or uncertainty check out the help section with all the FAQs you need, click here. Or send us a ticket HERE!

by | Oct 11, 2017

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LeadBI is a lead generation software that uncovers your website visitors and turns them into leads. With powerful features you can identify visitors and nurture by email automation.

by | Oct 11, 2017