Lead Nurturing: convert your visitors into loyal leads

What is Lead Nurturing?

One of the most important step of Inbound Marketing is Lead Nurturing, as the same word says “to nurture” the Lead.

It happens often that leads are not yet ready to purchase, because, they don’t have the necessary information about the company and the products.

For this reason, you need to set up a Lead Nurturing program: a set of email automation in the first sales pitch. In this case the Lead is aware for a possible contact by the seller, and he has all the necessary content to take a decision.

Lead Nurturing is a process of developing and maintaining relationship with the Lead for a long time, at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer’s journey.

It is important to be helpful and efficient, understand our speakers and deserve their loyalty to develop a relationship for a long time.

This process is an investment of time but it guarantee excellent commercial results.

The 4 steps of Lead Nurturing:

It is important to make a strategy and follow the steps:

  • Know your users: you know to create the list for the sales offer.
  • Study the communication tools: the most known potential channel to communicate with the contacts are (website, social media, blog), but you have to focalize on those most used by Leads.
  • Analyze the sales process: you have to improve the communication with specialized content, by monitoring the interest of your proposals.
  • Define the goals for your strategy: you have to create real customer loyalty, to guarantee services quality and reliability.

The main tools:

Email marketing is a fundamental tool for the Lead Nurturing, because, allows you to contact the Lead, create loyalty, and follow them on all the sells process.

Social network, as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, are an excellent alternative to replace the email and allows you to contact privately the Leads, developing a direct relationship with them.

Moreover, the most reliable contents are: proposing presentations, webinars, ebooks, it is important to create a contact usually with the potential customer.

Creating high quality, intuitive and high impact infographics incites the interest of the Lead.
Once the contacts and content are selected, the results of these actions must be monitored to understand the next strategy to be adopted.

Lead Nurturing, therefore, observes the independence of users, shows that the company is experienced in the field, offers to the customers the necessary information to proceed with the purchase and gives value and importance to the customer. In this way you get a great response from the selected contacts.
Statistics show that the nurtured Leads acquire 47% more than those that have not been subject to the nurturing process.

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by | Dec 18, 2018

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