LeadBI for Retail

Email Marketing is surely good but flooding your customers with unwanted emails is really bad. Make sure to only send offers about what your prospects really want.

Learn the best practices to engage your visitors

Send offers based on visitor interests

Tag leads based on their interests and then send them only offers about the products they like.


Automate Sales agents notifications

You don’t need to constantly monitor every lead move, create automatic notifications, so you will always know when a customer needs a hand choosing a product.

Don't leave prospects behind

Send automated emails to engage with passive leads and get them back to your shop

Every page has its weight

Choose custom amounts of Lead Score for important pages. A higher Lead Score means a hotter lead.

Discover how to Boost Your Sales


Send Focused Emails

Save time by only sending an email when the lead is ready to receive it

Discover the power of Automations

Track your prospects visits and automatically interact with them. Engage with returning visitors and get in touch again with lost leads by setting up an adequate automation.

Great Content needs a Great Editor

Our Drag&Drop Editor will let you create every template you have in mind by simply moving blocks around, no coding skills required.

Case History


Our User had a small e-commerce but also wanted to attract customers to his physical store and cut on delivery costs.


The Customer was already tracking the website with LeadBI and already had the list of the e-commerce buyers inside the platform. We suggested him to send an email campaign to every customer in the proximity of the retail shop to give them a special coupon code with a small discount.

  1. Search every lead with tag buyer and living near the shop and send them an email campaign with a link to a coupon generating page
  2. The Customer linked an automation with the following criteria to this campaign
    1. Recipients that did not click the link, received a reminder email after 5 days
    2. Every recipient that did not click on the reminder either, received another reminder email after 5 more days
    3. Recipients that clicked on the link received the coupon via email and were tagged with coupon
  3. Customers that went to the shop with that coupon code were then manually tagged with the retail tag, so the user now can tell which customers are willing to go to the shop.

Thanks to this campaign, our user had some returning customer on the e-commerce and converted some customers from online to physical, cutting on delivery costs.

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