How to realize a good analysis strategy




Data analysis is the fundamental part of every respectable marketing strategy, it is daily bread for marketers.
To make a good analysis strategy, however, you have to try various roads and also various tools.

We are currently ‘driven by data‘ and we need to find the right way to achieve our goals.


The first step to start an excellent analysis strategy is to categorize your company, your services and products.
You have to find a category or organize every single detail from the product to the final goal. Organize technical team, website, customer service, press and every single detail that leads to the goal must be organized, revisited, modified and approved.


We must also decide the approach with which we must move towards a strategy of analysis, here are some things to think about before starting a strategy:

  • ECONOMIC: What tools are you paying? For what? Do they work?
  • BENEFICIARIES: Based on the final objective of this strategy, we must think about who the beneficiaries are. For example: We want to recreate the website and we need content, we insert only material that our customers can benefit from.
  • DEDICATION: Data analysis is a time consuming process and it is always recommended to have a person or team dedicated only to this, which focuses on all the details
  • LISTENING: What do customers think? Are they satisfied? What would they like to change?


Finally we must focus our efforts on our users, measure their data within our platform or website and learn to know them. Understand what channels they use mainly, how they use our product, to what other tools are associated, where most of our users are concentrated and so on.




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