How Marketing Automation becomes a partner for insurance agencies






The insurance industry is one of the sectors with a lower growth rate in recent years, also due to the less advanced technologies they work with.

However, in the last year there have been radical changes within some insurance agencies, which have supported the new technological systems such as Marketing Automation.


In the United States, a study was carried out on 1000 insurance agencies that integrated Marketing Automation into their strategies and found a radical improvement. Insurance agencies that have integrated marketing strategies are currently those with a higher growth rate.


Potential customers use internet to compare offers and find the best offer online. This allows insurance marketing professionals to leverage email marketing, mobile marketing and lead generation tools to gain more customers.

This drives insurance companies to create an internal marketing team and create marketing strategies that lead to more customers in less time.



The personalized emails emphasize the characteristics of the insurance agencies that, with their customers, have always established a relationship of trust. Email personalization can be used as a reminder when criteria are updated or premiums are increased, value added offers from partners, with suggestions on home or vehicle security and lots of other content. They are tools that, integrated with a segmentation of contacts, help agencies to establish a good relationship with their customers. Furthermore, with automations, sending emails will be much faster and more efficient.



Marketing automation also helps sales of new insurance plans. If you offer a certain number of plans, from pet insurance to home and car insurance, and you have a customer who already has a policy with you, receiving promotions on new insurance plans can incentivize him to change his insurance policy.

In this case tools like LeadBI can help you to examine the behavior of the customer within the website, checking which policies are interested and if he is aware of the new insurance offers. In this case you could start the Lead Nurturing phase.



Considering how many people use smartphones daily, companies need to update their strategies and optimize them for mobile too. Marketing automation can help companies to be connected anytime, anywhere.

It’s recommended to have at least one mobile app of your insurance brand. When it used in with e-mail marketing and lead nurturing, apps provide a greater point of contact that can be used for support for new policies, policy updates, and anything else that customers need.

by | Feb 9, 2018

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by | Feb 9, 2018