How can Marketing Automation be useful to a Training Institute?

How can Marketing Automation be useful to a Training Institute?




In Italy there are many high schools, colleges, private or not private and training agencies, located in almost all Italian regions.
Many of these schools lose a large number of potential subscribers every year due to the lack of online and offline promotional activities.


The goal is to send an engaging message that invites students to register.
With Marketing Automation it is possible!


List of ideal targets:

    What does students looking for in a school or in a training course? Every training institute has different plans to offer to those students and the strategy is to send personalized promotions addressed to interested students. Collect emails and phone numbers in an institution database and segment it according to student interests. Send them automatic text messages or automatic emails when there are events, workshops, seminars etc. that relate to that type of topic.


    Track the visitors
    on the school website and monitor the behavior of the students after opening the e-mails, if the students interrupt the visit or they doesn’t activate after the e-mails, you should interact with them using resources, personalized discounts etc.
    For example, does a student often look for information about a professional course and / or an already completed training course?
    Send to him/her a preview with the informations about the future dates of the course or with more information on the professional course.
(Click and find out how to track a visitor on your website)


An example of a list of features perfect for your strategy:


    Track and identify visitors
    on your school website and monitor the most visited pages, courses with a higher interest rate, the score of the most active visitors.
    This helps you with generating leads and converting them to potential subscribers. In addition, the leadscore will help you to understand which potential students have a high rate of interest in your institution;


    We can compare students to the figure of customers and, even in this case, the personalization of messages and e-mails, has a major impact on their impressions about your institution. Customize e-mails and sms with automations (click here);


    Monitoring visitors
    can also help you with organizing events. Does the institute host an event? Does it organize events outside? Track students and visitors in the same city and send e-mail to invite them;




With LeadBI and with Marketing Automation, sending personalized e-mails and sms to the target will be much easier. Thanks to the automations, the builder that will allows you to create personalized e-mails rich of information, the possibility to send e-mails marketing campaigns, direct e-mails, automatic sms and many other functions all from the same platform it’s ideal for your marketing strategy.


We can conclude with the advantages that a training institute or a school can acquire with Marketing Automation:


  • Increase of registrations;
  • Better reputation of the Institute;
  • Better marketing strategy;
  • Increase in sales.






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