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Getting yourself known is hard, selling online your product is even harder, we know about that. That’s exactly why marketing automation is becoming more and more important. Thanks to LeadBI you can always: know about who’s the hottest lead, nurture your customers and even convert those who are still not entirely convinced.We will cover one of the possible ways to engage with prospects and getting notified on only those who are strongly intrested in your service but still didn’t subscribed. In the example we’ll see how selling an online service can be made simple.

First things first, we create a form to capture the leads email and use it as a starting point for the automation. We decided to use a popup which appears after 20 second the visitor stays on a page.
After a visitor signs up in the popup, we immediatly send a welcome email to get some attention and then give some time to actually open and read it. It may seem a bit extreme, but in this example we give the tag low quality to whoever doesn’t open the email within 12 hours. This doesn’t mean it’s a lost lead, it just means that it needs different attentions. This tag can be the starting point to another automation, a lead is lost only when you stop trying to acquire it.

In this example we try to stay simple and to focus only on those who show immediate interest.

When the visitor opens the email we wait 4 days to send the second email, it’s useless to send two emails in a row. So, after some days are passed we send an email to give the prospect some detailed information about the best things of the service or something so new that is not on the website yet. Of course also a link to the service website should be added in the email. We now expect that an interested prospect goes in the pricing page to get the last informations about the service before buying. We then give some time to the recipient to go on the pricing page, if after 7 days the target doesn’t go on the pricing page, we tag him as medium quality. It’s a possible customer but still not entirely convinced, as for leads with small interest, also this tag can be the starting point for a focused automation.

We now arrived to the most important branch of the automation, when only the hottest leads arrive, they have opened every email and went to the pricing page, we now have to handle just the final steps and manage those who are still a bit unconvinced.

So, we assign the tag high quality to every lead that visits the pricing page within 7 days. That means that a visitor is really interested in the product. The last step that a prospect must do now is to subscribe, we can check it by monitoring if the Thank You Page after the subscription form has been visited. As always we give some time to complete subscription, if after 5 days the lead did not subscribe, we send a reminder or a coupon code. Inside the email we also add a link to the subscription page.

Now we are trying to take to the registration page someone who already knows almost everything about the product, even prices, but still doesn’t want to subscribe. We sent an email and we now wait to give time to actually read the email, in this case, we wait 5 days.

After 5 days has passed, if the prospect did not click con the email link we assign the tag medium quality because the interest level for the product has become lower than before, so we need to begin a automation to regain attention. In this example we have not done, but you can also remove the high interest tag.
If the recipient clicks on the link in the email within 5 days, we give some time to actually subscribe. If a prospect arrived in this branch, it is almost a customer, so if within some day we don’t see it subscribing we need to contact the lead personally to avoid losing it. If the lead subscribes we add the tag customer, you can this tag has a starting point for nurturing.

In case a visitor has always opened every email, got the high quality tag and also subscribed the first time he had the chance, we just give the tag customer to begin nurturing it and also send a welcome email to congratulate on the great choice.

You can also use LeadBI inside your service: to track customers inside your products and give better support. This example ends here, you can use as it is or customize it to fit your needs. In this automation we also gave some starting point for further automations, to use them or not it’s only your choice. There’s no perfect automation, only optimized workflows.

by | May 10, 2017

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by | May 10, 2017