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Discover how simple it is to create effective automations using the LeadBI Visual Builder. Simply choose the source of the leads and begin to add conditions and actions. On this page, you will learn about lead funnels and all types of automation options available inside LeadBI, including some ready-to-use examples.

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Digital Agencies




Engage more readers and tag them based on their interests. Deliver only content they want to see, to convert them into loyal users. LeadBI is a comprehensive tool and can be used for all kinds of settings, even blogs.

Are you trying to grow your company’s customer base using a blog? LeadBI can help you get in contact with your future customers. Are you a professional blogger and want to give the best reading experience to your followers? LeadBI can help you too. No matter who you are, LeadBI is always a great choice to better the user experience.  We wrote an article on how to handle a free e-book giveaway for your readers. Take a look.

Digital Agencies

You want only the best for your customers, just as we want the best experience for you. Marketing automation is an enhancement to your current email marketing strategies. By using our tracking links in email campaigns, your customers can easily integrate LeadBI with every email marketing software. Take full control over every sub-account. With the tailored ‘Agency’ dashboard, monitor your customers’ activity and assign them the desired contact quota. With LeadBI even complex operations are made simple.


LeadBI flexibility makes it suitable in every context you need, it can help you even with e-commerce. Check which products are the most viewed, compare these statistics with your selling rate and discover which are the products your customers like the most. Send customized offers to your visitors based on their visits and remind them of that product they are watching without buying since a week. You can even recommend them some similar product to the ones they already viewed or send a coupon code for those who still haven’t bought anything to spur them. With LeadBI even post-selling and customer nurturing are made simple.

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Always keep in check who is interested in your software by monitoring your prospects’ visits history. Foresee your visitors’ moves and reach them even before they contact you. Convert your prospect from visitors to happy customers. Re-engage inactive website or application users offering them a customized offer. With LeadBI you can even analyze how your clients use your services and help them faster and more effectively. LeadBI grants you the power to offer great software, with great support. Furthermore, LeadBI can help you focus only on the hottest leads.

Automation Starting Points

Lead Funnels

Forms & Pop-ups

Create pop-ups and forms to embed in your website


Create and monitor tracking links for your marketing campaigns

One-to-One Emails

Send a mail to a specific email address, and links are automatically tracked

Quick Contact Widget

Embed a chat widget that also tracks visitors

Contact based inputs


Trigger the automation if contact leadscore reaches a defined quota

Website Page Visit

Trigger the automation when the lead visits a specific page


Send Email

Write an email or send a pre-made template

Assign Tag

Give the lead a tag to segment it, as you see fit

Remove Tag

Remove a tag from a lead even if it was added in another automation

Increment Leadscore

Give a specific “weight” to actions taken by the lead

Add Note

Create a note readable inside the contact page

Send Notifications

Send an email to yourself or a colleague to notify them of an event.


Send data to a specific page or script

Wait Conditions


Wait a specific amount of time to delay actions

Wait for Email Open

Choose what to do after a lead opens or doesn’t open the last email sent

Wait For Email Click

Choose what action to take after a lead clicks or doesn’t click a link inside last email.

Wait For Website Visit

Choose what action to take after a lead visits or doesn’t visit a specific website page.

Lead Based Conditions

Contact Tag

Check if lead has or doesn’t have tag

Leadscore Greater Than

Check if a contact leadscore is greater than a specific amount

Leadscore Less Than

Check if a contact leadscore is less than a specific amount

Contact Visit

Check if lead visited a specific page

Things You Can Do With LeadBI


Segment Leads

Send targeted emails

Increase Sales