Data analysis with Google Analytics and LeadBI

Data analysis with Google Analytics and LeadBI



Today we explain how a company that moves its online business, has to concentrate a lot of energy on data analysis.
Nowadays all companies should have a team dedicated exclusively to the analysis.
The team of analysts within your company has two main tasks:

  1. Finding the problems that exist within your website through the collected data;
  2. List the changes to be made to solve these problems

Google Analitycs is a free tool from Google that allows users to analyze their website and monitor data.
Reports generated by GA describe the performance of every single page within a website. To monitor visitor behavior you need to create various personalized reports and goals.

For example, let’s take a list of standard goals to create for Saas and Lead Generation websites:
  • Download;
  • Subscription;
  • Trial Request;
  • Forms;
  • Signup.

This way you can monitor visitor behavior in more detail and have less generic data that allows you to find and understand any errors within your website.

Google Analytics also segments visitors like this:

  • New visitors from mobile; 
  • New visitors from Desktop; 
  • Visitors from Mobile; 
  • Visitors from Desktop;

Although you can manually create other segmentation fields, the section is limited.
For this reason we recommend integrating Analytics data analysis with the detailed analysis that LeadBI performs on every single visitor.



The analysis of the data in LeadBI is focused entirely on every single visitor. The list of filters present to display only a category of visitors is very broad and is divided into:
  • Time;
  • Quick Search;
  • Tag ;
  • Email Marketing Campaigns; 
  • Advertising Campaigns; 
  • Company;
  • City;
  • Country;
  • Visits;
  • Leadscore.

You can see how each individual visitor is segmented automatically or manually in more detail. Also clicking on the visitor, it will open a page with the history of pageviews, an overview with the total pageviews, the total duration of the visitor’s stay within the website, the various filters of segmentation.
The companies are also profiled and displayed individually.




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