Create and manage your Sms campaigns with LeadBI




Now is available the SMS Campaigns feature that will allow you to create, manage and track your sms marketing campaigns!
You add so another feature within the LeadBI platform that will help you reach your target audience quickly and effectively with a targeted and personalized sms.



The new “SMS Campaigns” feature is in the “Campaigns” section where you will find all the features dedicated to creating efficient, targeted and customizable marketing campaigns.




Creating an SMS campaign with LeadBI is quick and easy, thanks to the simple graphics that allows you to easily enter data such as: campaign name, sender name and SMS campaign content.


You can enter the contacts by selecting them from the list you will find at the bottom of the form or selecting the type of filter you want to insert as: contact tag, contacts of your email campaign of your choice, contact of your own advertising campaign of your choice, nationality, city.




Why choose LeadBI for the creation of your sms marketing campaigns?


With the many features within the LeadBI marketing automation platform and thanks to data obtained through old e-mail marketing or sms marketing campaigns, you can analyze the progress of your campaigns and correct your marketing strategies.
Create precise, targeted marketing campaigns with relevant content from today will be much easier!



For more details about how to use the new feature Sms Campaigns CLICK HERE

by | Apr 5, 2018

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by | Apr 5, 2018