Content Intelligence: The new frontier of content marketing




Content marketing has become pervasive in all marketing activities: from knowledge of the brand to SEO, to the generation of leads and their nurturing. Lately we have to deal with the modern buyer who, before thinking of buying, wants to have a through knowledge of the product or service.


Content intelligence is classified as the new frontier of marketers.

What is content intelligence?


The term Content Intelligence refers to the new technology that provides data and insights on proprietary and third-party content to increase the results of marketing and to study new strategies.

The technology we are talking about, perfectly integrates with the work done by the best marketing experts for data collection, bringing innovation and certainty on the data. Let’s talk about two big categories:

  • Internal data: from analysis to CRM to marketing automation, to business intelligence systems.
  • External data: from the Web that constantly produce and consume new content to which our target is exposed.

Content Intelligence, with its technology, structures the content by studying metadata, optimizing the performance of the content and offering better experiences both for customers and for the company.


‘Today, marketing is mathematics.’ – Mark Schaefer, Marketing Consultant

This is why Content Intelligence is conquering marketers very quickly, because it makes marketing more measurable.

Use of Content Intelligence

  • Analyze the interests of the public to define a better content strategy;
  • Study how to make your content unique and better;
  • Optimize the content as you create it;
  • Study what content to share, when and where;
  • Analyze the results and understand what to improve.

Content Intelligence provides insights that guide market intelligence analysts to the most useful information by enriching the monitored content with analytical data.

In addition, it provides a way to quantify the impact of content, in general or on a specific topic. This means that you can compare the contents of your competitors with yours. (KPI).

Difference between Content Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Content Intelligence (CI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two different topics and should not be confused.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally performed by human beings.

Content Intelligence is simply a set of tools that can extract big data and offer analytics-based insights for marketers. CI can not replace human thinking, but it can provide marketers’ actions easier by making processes faster.

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