• Conversion rate 50% 50%
  • Lead Generation 60% 60%
  • Website Traffic 70% 70%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

Basitech is a leading company in the sales services of machines for wood and aluminum processing, with thirty years of experience in the field.

Thanks to the great success obtained through their website, they needed both a software that could help them with lead management and a good strategy to focus only on customers who were highly interested in their products.

Through Vincenzo Angelucci, marketing advisor of the ConsulVendite agency, the company is using the LeadBI platform. Traffic and conversions on their company website have increased by 60% in the last 6 months.

Vincenzo, what made you to try LeadBI?

The Basitech company needed a tool that could help them manage the flow of leads on their website, thanks to LeadBI we can now distinguish which potential customers deserve our focus. We can even understand their level of interest in our products.

In the last 6 months, the traffic on Basitech.it has increased by 50%. How did you set a conversation with all these potential customers?

Thanks to automations and direct e-mails, we managed to establish a conversation with our visitors. Using the tracking system, we were able to send the right offers to the right customer at the right time. We got a lot of trust from our customers because of this method.

Did you find LeadBI difficult to use?

Many features are simple. The marketing automation is not intuitive but thanks to the support that we received through your assistants and thanks to the demo, it’s all easier now.

In your opinion, what advantages have you got from using LeadBI?

Being able to identify and track visitors and then profile and tag each lead was fundamental. Our database must always be organized in order to quickly recognize our customers. LeadBI has helped us conclude many sales thanks to the attention we have given to every potential customer and it also has optimized the working time of our team.

Do you have a suggestion for those interested in the platform?

I recommend people to try the platform and do a demo with the LeadBI team. You will notice that it will solve many of your problems quickly and easily. It’s a great product and has a team behind it that is always present. For me, LeadBI was a nice surprise.