Account Based Marketing: How to track account activity on your website

The foundation for many account-based marketing metrics is touchpoints data. Whether online or offline, marketers need track account activity at every touch point.

Touch point data tells you in real-time who in each account is engaging with your website. Using this data you can attribute engagement and revenue back to your marketing activities to isolate the highest performing campaign.

Email Click-Through Attribution

Almost all email marketing software allows your to set up email tracking (email open and click-through URL). Sending information to your website can help in defining the customer journey.  Details about the email account, like email address, company, first name  and last name are associate with the website activity.

This technique allows your sales and marketing teams to better understand the needs of your target account.  Even if your account activity is months apart.

Opt-in forms

When a prospect visits your website for the first time, you can assign a unique id saved in a cookie. Based on the unique id you can build a profile over time with the pages visited, time spent on the site and other interaction.

Opt-in forms play an important role in identifying the name email address and other information about the visitor. Implementing user profiles in your website will not only tell you the company that is visiting your website, but also the decision makers that are visiting your website along with their contact info and history.

IP and Device Fingerprint Tracking

Most companies with more than 20 employees has a dedicated IP address for their offices. You can think of this address as the post office address for their internet. Some of them have this address publicly known for others you need to combine metadata from multiple sources to know that a specific IP address is owned by a certain company. You can even track companies that don’t have a static IP address using device fingerprinting.

Device fingerprinting attempts to use aspects of the computer that don’t typically change such as the operating system, browser, etc., and creates a unique “fingerprint” based on that information. Despite what the visitors changes on the surface of the system, the fingerprint remains the same, and identifies the visitor even if their IP address changes.

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